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Cislo Siding & Construction Proudly Installs Alside Vinyl Siding Products

We are proud to work with Alside® high-performance siding. Its colors are rich and long-lasting. The textures are subtle and capture the authentic look of wood. What sets it apart from the competition? What makes it our first choice, as custom vinyl siding installation experts?

Alside has been in the exterior building products industry for over seventy years. Its founder, Jerome J. Kaufman, invented America’s first residential baked enamel aluminum siding. Today, the company continues to innovate, to constantly upgrade and enhance its product offering.

Alside siding is made from a proprietary compound using the following ingredients:

  • PureStrength Vinyl Resin – This is the main ingredient in Alside vinyl siding. Its panels won’t rot, warp, shrink or swell because it prevents moisture infiltration, even in extreme weather.
  • Ti-Shield Titanium Dioxide – This feature prevents the sun from damaging the surface of the product. It prevents ultraviolet degradation.
  • StayRight Vinyl Stablizers – These protect the siding from heat degradation, both during manufacturing and after installation.
  • TrueShield Impact Modifiers – Dents and dings used to be inevitable when it came to siding. These provide exceptional impact resistance, making such damage a thing of the past.
  • DesignersChoice Pigment Concentrates – The colors on this siding do not wash away. The secret is that they are part of the siding itself, due to these pigment concentrates, which produce uniform colors that bleed clear through the panel.
  • ChromaTrue – Darker colors fare better because of this weatherable polymer. That is because it provides superior fade resistance.

Now those are certainly some technical terms. Let’s talk about home styles. This is how Alside categorizes the various types of homes that its product tends to adorn.

The first is Modern/Contemporary. This type of home is conservative in adornment yet striking in its sleek, artistic appeal. The visual motif of this category is clean and cool. Depending on the architecture and color palette, this look can range from sublime to powerful.

Next, we have the Traditional/Historic home. Think “apple pie”. It is, by far, the most popular. Colonial homes, Tudor mansions and quaint country farmhouses all fall under this category. This old mixed with new, progress blended with tradition.

Big Space/Small Space is about the wow-factor, regardless of square footage. Working in smaller spaces might require smart color choices. A small home can appear larger with the right color palette. On a larger home, you’ll want to think about the architectural details that command attention, such as a front porch, dormers or decorative shutters.

Inner city and mixed-use communities are not to be left out. That is where the Urban/Suburban style comes in. The urban “signature look” is all about expressing personality and individual style. Homes range from refined upscale to relaxed bohemian. Meanwhile, suburban homes tend to favor established, local styles and color trends. Individual looks tend to harmonize with surrounding homes and aesthetics.

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