Vinyl Siding Wins Over Wood Siding Every Time

Vinyl Siding Wins Over Wood Siding Every Time

We have said plenty about why people choose vinyl siding. However, some people don’t. The good news is it’s never too late. Wood siding, for example, can be a lot to maintain and expensive to continually repaint and repair. You may then decide that it is time to switch over to vinyl. Before you do, let’s look at the two options side by side.

Vinyl Over Wood

Mix ethylene gas and chlorine and you get a fine white powder called vinyl resin. When you melt and mix it with different additives, you get a polymer called vinyl. This compound can be rigid, supple, or durable and was not available commercially until the 1950s. It was created as a replacement for aluminum siding.

In the old days, vinyl used to crack, fade and sag. Today, thanks to improvements in technology and building materials, you no longer hear complaints about the production value and quality of vinyl siding. In fact, you are more likely to hear relief regarding not having to paint or stain it. It comes in a bigger variety of colors than ever. Sure, you still must maintain your vinyl siding regularly but power washing is much cheaper and less time consuming then the paint or stain that is required for wood siding. Proper maintenance will maintain that superior exterior look.

Wood Looks Nice but Vinyl Siding is Easier To Maintain

Wood siding evokes a sense of timelessness. People tend to be seduced by its visual appeal, especially due to the prospect of increasing the value of their home. They like that they can choose from a wide variety of wood types. They especially love the rustic aesthetic.

Wood may be classic but there are a few hitches. For one, maintaining that high quality veneer requires plenty of repainting and staining. Those costs add up. Also, the cost and maintenance factors following extreme weather conditions can change a customer’s mind quickly.

Custom Vinyl Siding Wins Everytime!

Vinyl. It’s cheaper. It’s easier to install. It takes very little time to install. We’re talking about high-grade vinyl siding. Meanwhile, good quality wood siding can cost quite a bit more than vinyl siding of similar quality. This factors in the material itself, the installation labor and the volume of trim and paint required to finish the siding. Regardless of cost, the main factors you should consider when switching from wood to vinyl siding are the cost, the quality, visual appeal and maintenance requirements.

One last thing to consider is removal versus replacement. Many customers have vinyl siding installed right over the wood siding. A sheathing wrap and an installation layer are installed in between. Folks with metal or old vinyl siding must have that removed before installing new vinyl.

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