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Top Five Reasons People Choose Vinyl Siding

Did you know that vinyl siding can be installed over virtually any surface? That includes brick, wood and stucco. Vinyl siding does not fade or appear worn out. It is durable and resistant to harsh weather. Home owners choose it because it is affordable and easy to maintain. These are the top five reasons people choose vinyl siding.

Color Retention

Vinyl siding comes in hundreds of colors. The selection alone is vastly appealing to homeowners. Yet, color retention matters just as much as color choice. What good is a gorgeous exterior if it doesn’t last? Today’s vinyl siding will withstand the harsh rays of the sun while retaining its original hue.


Our premium vinyl siding provides a high level of protection from the elements. This includes harsh winds, heavy thunderstorms, blowing rain, snowstorms and ice. Even intense sunlight will not have an effect. Home owners who live in areas predisposed to extreme weather are especially encouraged to choose vinyl siding.

Low Maintenance

People prefer vinyl siding because it requires little maintenance. There is no need to paint, scrape paint or re-apply paint. The most maintenance required might just be washing it down with a hose.


Vinyl won’t rot like wood-based products. It is non-porous nor is it threatened by pests like insects or woodpeckers. Vinyl is also flexible so it absorbs impact better, unlike aluminum which will dent. Few know this but vinyl is even flame resistant!


Do you know what brick, stone and wood have in common? They’re expensive. Vinyl siding is easily the most cost-effective option. More importantly, the return on your investment can’t be beat. Take another look at the previous reasons. Just imagine the implied savings.

We have so many reasons to boast of the siding products that we install. There are three we are particularly proud to be associated with. Alside High-Performance Siding is a strong siding system with subtle textures that capture the authentic look of wood. If you’re looking for something more natural, CertainTeed provides the natural look of wood shingles. Also, their Wolverine Restoration SmoothTM finish replicates sanded-sealed and painted wood. That leaves James Hardie products, which grace the sides of more than 5.5 million homes across America.

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