Spring Time Is A Good Time To Pick Out Windows

It’s spring. Time to open the windows! The key question is which type of window will you be opening? We are proud to install energy efficient, replacement windows by Andersen. Spring is always the ideal time for fresh starts and new beginnings so allow us to present your options when choosing your new windows.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are normally installed in bedrooms and other areas where privacy is priority. Light and air will also be important so these types of windows also maximize both, inside the house. They can be installed next to other windows, in columns or well above patio or terrace doors. Awning windows can also create additional light and air in entrance areas.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are mainly used in kitchens and family rooms. They typically do not come with screens and are used to add dimension to flat walls. A lot of opportunity exists for architectural enhancements, when working with these windows. Architects use them to create angles and projections on the building structure. They allow light to enter at different angles. Their lateral panels can be opened to enable airflow.

Casement Windows

Windows that open outward are casement windows. Again, an important detail is that they allow light and air into the building but, when closed, they also create a tight seal for better energy efficiency and reduced electricity costs. A slide rail mechanism carries the weight of the window, making them easier to operate. They are best positioned above cabinets, counters or areas where they can be cranked outward to open.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows don’t score well when it comes to energy efficiency and airflow. They can only be opened halfway. However, they do not take up exterior space and are easy to clean and repair. There is also such a thing as single hung windows. It is the same concept but with only a lower space for ventilation. The point of both versions is to minimize obstruction to walkers on walkways or decks when open.

Picture Windows

Picture windows serve no purpose when it comes to airflow but are excellent when it comes to lighting. They are all about visual appeal. Some of us prefer a stellar view over a painting or photograph. Just be careful if the glass area is too large. This can make them a target for vandalism. Replacing glass can be expensive.

Gliding Windows

Spaces that are wider than they are tall are ideal for windows that open from side to side. These are called gliding windows. You can actually lift the panels out of their track, making them easy to clean from inside the house. Just be careful because they tend to be very heavy.

Specialty Windows

 For those who wish to add character to their home, there are always specialty windows. These come in a variety of shapes and colors. Homeowners love using these to create focal points or to add more light to an area.

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