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Top 5 Reasons To Replace Your Old Windows With Replacement Windows

It is time to replace those old windows. You may have grown attached after all these years. It may be hard to picture your home without them. Still, think of the energy savings you have lost out on by now. What condition are those frames in? You owe it to yourself to consider these five reasons to replace your old windows:

Replacement Windows Will help Lower your bills.

Energy-efficient windows equate to lower bills. Some utility companies also offer rebates to go with those energy-efficient window. Less heat is lost during the winter and the air conditioner gets a break during the summer.

Reduce your carbon footprint.

What you do for your home environment extends to the rest of the environment. Using less energy means using less valuable resources. Old windows were often manufactured with toxic materials. Many were coated with lead-based paint. Install brand new, vinyl replacement window and eliminate exposure to harmful substances.

Enhance safety.

You must never forget your home’s vulnerable spots. To prevent break-ins, you will want to shop for a security system. However, an open window is still a hazard in any household with small children. A single-hung window on the second or third floor should be replaced immediately. A double-hung window will allow you to open it and let the air in without the worry of anyone falling out.

Improve the appearance of your home.

We are not suggesting you deface your dear old home. For one thing, you may decide the old girl needs a top-to-bottom make over. Why stop at the windows? What about a new door and new siding? At the very least, even your home’s original look must have had some upgrades over the years. You may be hanging onto those old-fashioned windows but they may no longer match. It is time to align some new windows with your home’s current look. Coordination is key!

Maximize functionality.

If you’ve already been struggling with simply opening and shutting your windows, you may not even need the other four reasons. The frustration is reason enough to replace those windows. They may have become warped or wedged. Choose from a wide range of features when choosing your new windows. Some slide up and down. Others tilt both inward and outward. You will also want to look into window that reduce the noise that passes into and out of your home. This is where your preferences and needs take top priority.

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